Rain water harvesting can be done inexpensively:

I made this rain harvester for about 3 to 5 cents a gallon (not including the cost of the barrels which can be FREE).

I avoided the normal cost of a rainwater harvester which usually includes the supplies needed for each barrel: spigots ($4), outlet flanges ($5), overflow flanges ($5), pipe etc. etc. Now, I'm all for saving rain, but I'd like to save some money while I'm at it! :-)

So, I figured out how to connect my barrels together for 3 to 5 cents per gallon!
I currently have 2400 gallons of capacity, and have spent about $120.These pages (see links on right) will show you how.

Rain Barrel Best Deal

Here is the cheapest 55 gallon barrel currently available online:
"baytech containers $49+free shipping" Feb 25th.
Post a comment if you find one cheaper and I'll update the above.

Getting started

First off, to become a rain harvester, you must first have motivation! I was motivated by having "two problems which I changed into a solution" (I live by these words!).

1. Too much water dripping off the roof of my house into a poorly drained area.
2. I have to pay to water my garden.

- Store the water for the garden!

55 Gallon Barrels - where to get them :

Food factories that get ingredients in barrels (Smell those pickles)!
Soda factories that get 55 Gallon Barrels (I'll have a super size)!
Car washes (You can even wash them out right there)!

These can be used for rain barrels!

Post some more ideas on where to get barrels! (I'm going for 10,000 gallons!) I'll even send some rain to whomever posts an idea!